Earth Tower Vertical Garden Review

Gardening is a hobby that’s popular for several reasons. You can grow beautiful flowers or great tasting fruits and vegetables. You can use them to create a peaceful oasis indoor or outdoor.

But something else that gardening offers is the reason that everyone should have a garden. This hobby is known for its stress relieving ability. It calms the mind and helps you produce feel good chemicals in the brain.

You end up feeling better physically and mentally after you spend time gardening. There are several ways that you can engage in this practice. You can certainly plant outside in the soil or you can get involved in indoor gardening.

Both will give you the same relaxation benefits. However, if you choose indoor gardening, you’ll want a way to do it that’s convenient and saves space. One of the things that you can get to do this with is the Earth Tower Vertical Garden: 4-Sided Wooden Planter on Wheels.

This planter is 4 feet tall and has 4 sides so that it can maximize the amount of flowering or other garden type plants you can have on it. It comes with wheels so you have the option of being able to move it anywhere you want even when it’s fully loaded with plants.

The way that it’s designed makes the planter take up only 2×2 feet of space, but you get 46 feet of room to plant your garden in return. The material of the planter is made of cypress wood, which is known to be more damage and rot resistant than other woods.

It’s stained a lovely dark brown so it will fit any indoor or outdoor décor. It goes together fast once you get it. All you have to do is to put the wheels on and add the screws at the top and bottom.

Once you put the slats in, the planter is ready to use. There’s no difficulty involved when it comes time to feed and water the collection of plants because the planter has a specially designed interior watering reservoir that provides for the needs of the plants.

You won’t have to fret if you accidentally put in too much water because the planter is made to shed excess water out through the built in drainage hole. No electricity is required for using any part of the planter.

The way that it’s set up allows anyone of any age and physical ability to be able to use and enjoy gardening. It’s the perfect set up for people who have difficulty leaning over to garden and it’s also perfect for families with kids. You can get everyone involved in growing a garden.

When you use the planter, you can either plant seeds or you can choose to go with starter plants. The planter doesn’t come with soil, so you’ll have to buy that separately.

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